ETU Challenge Paguera-Mallorca half distance triathlon European Championship

This Saturday I raced in half distance triathlon European Championships, 1900 meters swimming, 90 km cycling and 21 km running, on a warm and sunny Majorca.
The field was hard and many of Europe’s best half distance triathletes were there.

After my second place at the World Duathlon Championships in the begining of September, I took two weeks more or less time off from training. Which turned out to be good for both my body and mind. Because after the two weeks were I motivate to the max for the next big race, EM in half distance triathlon.
Both my training and preparation for the race went and felt good. I had a very good feeling when I stood on the start line.
The race went really well for me. As usual when I race I run my own race.
I got a really good swimming. It was warm in the water so wetsuits were not allowed.










The cycling was both hilly and tecnical, but I felt strong the whole way and passed many girls. The cycling was really fun.

The run was also hilly and technical , but I was just trying to concentrate on my own race and my pace. At each aid station I made sure to drink  and also  to cool me down, which meant that I poured at least two bottles of water over my head and back. What works for me to keep me ”cooled”.
Was passed by a girl after about half the run, but I chose not to try to hang on, and continue in my pace. Which I think was good when I managed to pass a girl when it was about 4 km left. It’s easy to get carried away and hang on someone that pass you and then run to fast.









I am happy with my fourth place