A good summer

My summer has been good, in many ways.

First, the weather, which has been wonderful, sun and heat.
Then it no big problem to get out and train whether you gonna swim, run or cycle. If it rains, I think it can be hard to get out especially if you going to ride distance and especially in the summer when you expect it to be warm and sunny. But perhaps it’s just me who thinks that ?!

Second, my training and racing. I have been able to do everything that me and my coach, has planned.



I won the gold in the swedish championship in middledistance triathlon. With the feeling of why can´t I go faster?! Something is stopping me. I think it has been my running strength, that has been missing, and of course the fact that I haven´t race ”long” races sinces IM Hawaii. I was not in top shape. But after that race I felt how my runing was much better then before!? And after 1 1/2 months of more training I feel stronger.

That’s something that I missed in the SC I hope is gone on Sunday when I stand on the starting line in the World Championship in longdistans duathlon, in Zofingen Switzerland.
The distance are 10 km run, 150 km bike, 30 km run. And of course when you are in Switzerland, it is hilly!





I have won the world championship two years in a row (2012 and 2013) and are now aiming for my third gold on sunday.
But it will be hard and I have to have a really good day for me to be able to win again.